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  LUX World Travel Booking Policies

LUX World Travel understands that each and every person has a different idea or passion, different expectations of their custom wellness vacation.  For this reason:  

" we place great importance on you, your lifestyle and your personality to ensure that your tailor made package is as unique as you are." 



The LUX World Travel website offers a sampling of ideas and suggestions for your travels. 

Most clients wish to create their own journey,  in which a full-customized plan will begin.  This type of planning takes time to research, secure, and coordination before the LUX World Travel Team can provide you with a final itinerary.  We guarantee 100% satisfaction!


Resort Stays:  We offer 100% Price Match Guarantee on resort stays.  When we research the world for the best resort for you, we are aware that even though we work in a personal relationship with our preferred vendors, some internet sites may offer a discount on some properties.  Therefore, as a courtesy, we run a matrix price scan to make sure you have been offered the best price possible for your wellness getaway.  

The Plan to Go Deposit for Resort Bookings is $50

Custom Trips: The more we know about you, the better we can create your custom vacation. The essence of  custom wellness vacations also considers your specific dietary requirements, special interests, and physical needs which makes your trip, one of a kind. You will have the assurance that our professional trip planners are putting hours of excellence into your vacation, and of course this deposit is deducted from your final vacation. 

The Plan to Go Deposit for Custom Bookings is $125

We appreciate your acknowledgement of our skill, resources, and ability to produce the trip you desire, therefore; we do ask for a gesture of good faith in the form of a small Plan to Go Deposit before we begin creating your specialized journey. 

The required Plan to Go Deposit is NOT an additional fee on top of your vacation costs, is a simply a deposit of good faith to respect our time.

Download the "Plan to Go Form" here

Trip planning requests for departures of 21 days or less require an additional $100 Plan To Go Deposit. 

A Plan to Go Deposit is required to prepare your vacation, and WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM THE FINAL PRICE of your trip.  

LUX World Travel planning deposits are NOT an additional expense, however; it is non-refundable in the case you book your vacation elsewhere. 

We look forward to planning a spectacular journey for you.


Your LUX World Travel Team


The Plan to Go pricing guideline is below:

Solo Trips
$50 for customized itineraries estimated $2,500-$4,500
$75 for customized itineraries estimated $4501 +
Couples / Honeymoons / Destination Weddings
$125 per couple for customized itineraries estimated $4500-$12,000
$235 per couple for customized itineraries estimated $12,000 +
Family Vacations or Small Group Planning
$100 per family for customized itineraries estimated $3,500-$7,500
$150 per family for customized itineraries estimated $7,500 - $10,000
$275 per family for customized itineraries estimated $10,001 - $17,500
$500 per family for customized itineraries estimated $17,501 +




A Non-Refundable Deposit is required in order to start making reservations.  This is not a planning fee, but a portion price of your vacation that must be pre-paid upon acceptance of your itinerary, so that we may begin holding rooms, guides, transfers, or other segments of travel for your private journey. This non-refundable amount will vary depending on the nature and full price of your vacation.  All deposit amounts will be explained in full detail before we invoice for the vacation. 

Interim Payments may be required in order to secure airline tickets and deposit requests from special Hotel and Tour Operators.

Final Payment  for tours is due 6 weeks (42 days) prior to travel, or immediately after confirmation if booked within 6 weeks.  Customized vacation final payment terms will be explained at the time of booking, as each hotel, or resort offers a different payment and cancellation terms. 

Prices are subject to change until final payment had been made. Change in pricing could be the result of Hotel and Tour Operator price increases, fuel rises, and substantial exchange rate increases. 

Travel Insurance: We require each traveler to purchase trip insurance to protect your vacation investment. * For most travelers, this additional expense ranges between $89 and $250 per person. The policy price is calculated on a formula using the traveler's age, price of vacation and length of trip.  If you choose not to purchase insurance, you will be required to sign a waiver, which declines your investment in trip protection.

* Please be advised, if you choose to decline trip protection, and must cancel your trip prior to departure, or need to interrupt your vacation for any reason, our services to assist in working with venders to collect possible refunds is $350.00.  Please be advised that once trips are paid in full, most segments of the vacation are non-refundable. 



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"All things that truly matter: beauty, love, creativity, joy,
inner-peace—arise from beyond the mind." 

~ Eckhart Tolle





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