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LUX World Travel will assist you with planning your group, and provide you with materials to make your group a success.




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Your passion for travel, or your field of expertise, may be all you need to travel the world for FREE. Ask about  traveling as a group Tour Leader.

Contact us today about creating a group for travel to your favorite destinations.

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Plan a different type of vacation.
We can create a personal itinerary for groups of 2 travelers or more to suit your specific interests and budget.





































  Group Travel






What is your passion?  Art?  Food and Wine?  History and culture?  Are you a yoga instructor, healer, or nature guide? 


We specialize in small group, leisure and luxury travel for: cultural trips, culinary or food and wine tours, history and education vacations, safaris, spiritual pilgrimages, art tours and music and theatre tours, faith based tours and religious group travel, family reunions, girlfriend getaways, adventure quests, and photo tours.


We offer some sample of ideas here, but the experts at LUX World Travel will help you plan a extraordinary trip and make it successful.  Ask about how to create a group trip that "gives back" or how to add a volunteer program to your trip.



Custom Cruise Groups-Today’s luxury groups are taking advantage of what cruise lines have to offer.  Keep in mind that cruising has one of the highest satisfaction rates. Once on board, you eliminate the stress of where to eat, what to do, who will be driving, what to see after dinner, and most important who cleans up.  The group relaxes, is pampered, and is driven from one luxurious port of call to another. There are also benefits that come with group travel, so please call us and find out what they are and how we can assist you in planning a wonderful group cruise.

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Meetings and Incentives-What better place to hold your meeting or incentive than on a cruise ship? It’s the perfect place, all of the amenities of a land-based resort with gourmet food, ambience, and wonderful accommodations, while traveling to exotic destinations, with impeccable service.  Depending on the cruise ship you chose it is virtually all-inclusive, saving your company thousands of dollars.  As a veteran of the industry let us take the guesswork out of your next meeting or incentive!

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Family Gatherings--Today traveling with family is so important.  Today’s luxury Cruise ships offer such a wide variety of group opportunities for family gatherings. Grandparents, parents and grandchildren love the aspect of spending time together and a ship is the ideal place that can and will accommodate all of these age levels perfectly.  From full blown Family reunions to sibling family get together, anniversary cruises to just need fun, family cruises.

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Private Group Travel--Just about any destination on Earth is available for private groups.  Generally in groups as small as 12 and as large as 100 or more can be arranged to your desired tastes and preferences.  And the possibilities are endless.  Private oceanfront villas, private excursions, and your own area guides can be provided for experiences such as safaris, hiking trips, rafting, diving or more. 

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Religious Tours and Programs--We offer in-depth visits to many of the world's famous religious sites and destinations. Stand in awe of Michelangelo's works of art at the Sistine Chapel, touch Mt. Sinai where Moses received the Ten Commandments, visit the boyhood home of Pope John Paul II, and retrace the footsteps of the Apostle Paul through Greece and Turkey.  We offer assistance to work with churches and youth group to put such programs together, and can even offer fundraising ideas.

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Eco-Adventures--Camel safaris, Multi-sport vacations, golf tours, scuba diving, Antarctica explorations, or hiking through Tibet. The world is yours to explore.  Adventure clubs and more use travel to promote their programs, add to their memberships and actually raise money for their organizations.  We arrange for your group's private accommodations, and access to certain areas such as arranging for your group to greet the sunrise over Egyptian pyramids.

Food, Wine and Culture Tours--Napa Valley and the West Coast offer the opportunity for a fun get-away that is easy to get to, which is also rich in gourmet food and wine festivals.  Wine enthusiasts have the entire world to travel for wine shows and tastings from Paris to Tuscany.  Music lovers have the entire Caribbean to listen to, since late summer and fall present on-going Jazz Festivals.   We can get you VIP access to these events, with private excursions, tastings, and cooking lessons.


Humanitarian Travel Programs--Where does your passion lie?  Rainforest action, the Alaska wilderness, Tsunami victims, or a family crisis’s within a poverty stricken area, are just some examples of causes your group could assist. We can arrange for a portion of your vacation time to actually be involved with rebuilding efforts, or working with communities in areas that need help.  Or, while planning your group, we would be able to help turn your program into a fundraiser that would then enable the group to make donations to such causes.  The possibilities for your group to make a difference are enormous!



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