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Belize: Women's Ocean Bliss Retreat

November 9-16, 2013

This was so much fun in Spring 2012, we are going BACK for MORE!!! Bliss out and give yourself a well-deserved treat!  Submerge yourself in warm waters for snorkeling or diving, have a massage or two, or sail into some adventure.  This all-inclusive retreat provides healthy meals, plenty of sunshine, kayaking, Hobie cats, snorkeling adventures, and pampering relaxation. 

Choose your Bliss: Become SCUBA certified, learn to snorkel, zipline, or learn to sail!  If you are already SCUBA Certified, package includes your dives at the Belize Barrier Reefs! 


from $2360 pp.


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"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not."
      ~  Ralph Waldo Emerson   





























BELIZE: Ocean Bliss Retreat    


If its not fun, why do it?  Vacations, get-aways, holidays...adventures, should be fun...awesome, inspiring, and rejuvenating.  LUX World Travel offers exactly that, along with great value.  Our retreats guarantee everyone a trip-of-a-lifetime, and as a result; our friends return home transformed.  There is no price value to put on that!    


Customized trips deliver dreams as a reality, and all within budget or less. Our global network of partners allows us to co-ordinate extremely luxurious holidays, at a fraction of the cost.  While our competitors mark up vacations 35% or more, we pass the savings onto our clients.  We would rather you take many wellness vacations for yourself each year...not just one.  Saving our clients money, provides a win-win since our clients are able to travel several times a year.  We offer the perfect blend of impeccable service, extraordinary amenities, and the luxury our clients expect because it really is our goal for you to travel Well. 


  Belize: Ocean Bliss Retreat

Julie: 2012

Melinda...My dear, you are an angel!  You saved my life!  This retreat saved my life!  I needed this adventure, any adventure...but I thank the stars daily that I found you.  Ocean Bliss...I am now bliss.  You, and the other women on this trip...wow!  Who would think that I could fly to Belize, not knowing a soul...not knowing what to expect, but to come home so radiantly happy.  And to make such friends.  I feel like I have a new family of sisters.  This bond of friendship is a joy I was not at all expecting.  Can't wait to travel with everyone again. Thank you so much.  Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!

Itza: 2012

I am blown away.  Melinda, I am so thrilled to have taken the "plunge"...literally!  I wanted an adventure, and I have never traveled on my own before.  I had no idea what to expect, but I was willing to give this a try.  Your calmness and energy comforted me enough to jump on board for this retreat, and it was the best thing I have ever done for myself.  You and this trip were a dream. I am still pinching myself.  I can't remember when I have ever laughed so hard, for so many days in a row.  I can't remember the last time...or if there has been any time in which I was surrounded by so many awesome, fun and inspiring women.  This trip changed my life, and I will go on every adventure with you for now on.  Can't wait for Thailand 2013!  Much Love!

Meghan: 2012

My heart skipped more than a couple beats on my adventure to St. George’s Caye, Belize on this spontaneous woman’s retreat. These woman inspired me to start this journey… this beautiful, unknown journey. I have never met women filled with so much spirit, courage, and sincerity. We are all a little crazy, but crazy beautiful. I believe that my trip to Belize was heart changing, life changing.  Melinda, you are crazy-wonderful, and I love that.  I love you, and I will LOVE going to Thailand with you!  Thank you so much for inspiring me to join this journey.  This experience has changed everything.  I feel so blessed!  So Happy!

  Dominica: Women's Retreat

Susan D: 2011

Boy am I happy or what?  This trip was a blast!  Dr. Susan Schliff was such an inspiration.  My meditation practice, and threshold...well...a new frontier is all I can say.  I loved being here.  I love all of it!  The food, the friends, the adventure!  Awesome!   Hmmmm...maybe Italy will be next!

Cecilia: 2010

What a trip!  Why did I come home??  Melinda, everything you promised about this trip was Delivered!  You promised a lot, I had my doubts...but I am a real believer now.  Everything was indeed perfect.  And, the most wonderful surprise is new level of personal insight I have gained through the introspection and meditation techniques taught by Dr. Schliff.  No...I mean Susan.  What an inspiration, and now a friend.  This trip touched me on all levels.  You mentioned it might, I honestly did not believe you.  I am so...well...peaceful.  You delivered exactly what I needed.  Many Blessings, and Thank YOU!

  Italy: Cooking, Yoga, and Beaches
Jill: Puglia 2010

The perfect retreat!  Was it a retreat?  No...it was an adventure back in time.  Yelana was so charming!  Puglia was amazing!  The old stores, and shops...the shopping!  Note to self...bring extra luggage.  The cooking classes were fantastic.  Being in the kitchen with "Mama"...we laughed the entire time.  Plus, I learned so much about herbs, flavors...but the best was making pasta.  Loved this charming town...everyone we met, and the opportunity to experience the goodness of life in a slow, restorative pace!  Bella!

  Customized Trips
Shawn and Lisa: 2012
Greece Honeymoon
You out did yourself!  We were treated like royalty!  All the surprise upgrades during the trip made us feel even more special!  The room we had the last night was priced over $1000 a night!  How did you pull that off?  Not at all what we were expecting, but a delightful surprise.  Our honeymoon was flawless...thanks to you.  The fact that you saved us over $1000 on airfare alone, allowed us to spend more time on the islands and being pampered beyond belief.  This was the best trip Ever!

Ashleigh A: Bali: 2013

Hi Melinda, the Resort was incredible - definitely something I will cherish for the rest of my life. The staff there were so lovely and friendly and kind it warmed my heart every day. I felt like I could relax and unwind and not feel pressured to socialise or 'do stuff', and the only times when I actually had to be anywhere was to the spa to be utterly pampered!! The grounds and facilities were phenomenal, I didn't really know what to expect and was pretty exhausted coming straight from a rough 4 weeks backpacking in Africa! I truly felt like I had arrived in paradise and feel I've now found my soul's centre point in the world.  I'm trying to convince my friends and family to check out your website to see the amazing packages you offer. Next time I get to spoil myself I will definitely come to you! You've been so supportive of my needs and your help with customising my trip was so appreciated!! ...you were always so positive and helpful...So thank you, thank you, thank you, I had an incredible time!

Ash :)

Diane T: Grenada: 2012

Melinda,  The resort uses the tagline of Amazing Vacation and it was nothing short of that. I would recommend it highly. The activities were well planned with great instructors. The spa was good but not the only reason to go. The food had healthy options always available. The resort allowed for you to choose a fitness vacation or a relaxing gluttonous trip. 

I think it is a fabulous spot for groups since one can be very active and participate in all the events and others could lay by the pool and read. There were also many single travelers and the resort set up a designated staff member each night to meet them for cocktails and dine with them. This allowed other single travelers to meet each other and have someone to dine with. I thought that was such great planning. Most of the patrons were couples from England. 

Off resort the island is friendly and warm. The population is small, approx 100k, so they all know what is going on and you feel very safe. 

Would you please let us know when they are running a special again so we can take advantage of such a great deal? They also have a sister resort Le Sport in St. Lucia we would like to try if they ever run a screaming deal.  

Thank you for pointing us in such a great direction and all your help with planning.

Marlisa: 2012

Brazil: Birthday Adventure

Mel!  You did it again!  You know my style and tastes!  This trip was another amazing adventure...we had the BEST time!  Everything as usual was perfect. I think you live in my mind.  : )

Thank you again for another perfect vacation.  They just keep getting better and better!  So looking forward to my honeymoon in Thailand!  Woot! Woot!


Lindsay G:  Private Group to Peru: 2012

This trip was Amazing.  In spite of all the family emergencies at the beginning...once the rest of us were settled, the trip was flawless.  The pace was perfect!  We had plenty of time to hang with the locals, eat, drink, and we were very Merry!  Sites were sensational.  Needless to say, I was covered in chill bumps while at Machu Picchu.  

Paul was so grateful for your kindness and compassion when he learned he had to return home.  And the fact that you were able to convince the airline to drop the change fee for returning home unexpectedly...wow!  Unheard of!  You know your stuff!   But thank you again for all your hard work and planning. I know this was a tough group, and a tough trip to plan...but you did it!  You go girl!


Dana C:  Private Girlfriends Adventure to Turkey: 2012

We had the best time!  Cappadocia...don't ever let anyone go there without doing the balloon ride...I know for me that was one of the true highlights!  My friends and I loved this trip. The luxury spas were sensational!  Super in fact.  : )    The guides were incredible and always on time. Everything was explained to us each day and night, so there were no surprises...at least not bad ones!  We loved all the good surprises!  Thank you again for all your time and effort.  I know we made many changes to the itinerary, but your assistance made this a true journey of a lifetime that none of us will forget.  


Tommy B: Costa Rica Wildlife and Adventure: 2011

You know I travel a lot, and never use a travel agent...but I can see the difference.  Your planning had this trip go like clockwork...but the best part was, the guides you gave us allowed us to do as we please.  If we wanted to stay longer in spots and less time in others...our wish was our command!  It was a super experience to have such excellent service from expert guides in a situation that did not confine us in anyway.  By the way...the floating wildlife safari is a MUST DO!   I believe that was my favorite.  Hard to pick though, since the entire trip was Amazing!  Thank you again!


Sue B:  Wildlife Holiday: 2010

I wanted a wildlife adventure that was out of my budget.  For this reason, I had planned to only take a 4 day holiday.  Melinda found, created and planned a trip for me that not only cost HALF of what I was expecting to pay, but I got to stay for an entire week.  For half the price!  I still can't believe it!  Now I can also enjoy the other trip I wanted to take this year to San Francisco!   

This adventure was perfect!  I had oceanfront accommodations, which were not in the original budget.  I was surrounded by wildlife and animals every day...AND, because of the money saved, I got to swim with the dolphins several times instead of just once.  You made this trip happen.  You knew what I wanted, and you made it happen!  A million thanks!  I am beaming!


Rev. Judy: Turkey Faith Tour: 2010

This faith journey for our congregation and friends was a dream, but Melinda brought it into reality.  This was a life-changing experience to travel in the footsteps of Paul, in an authentic privately guided adventure just for our group.  Because of the small group setting, we were able to commune in our faith at a deeper level.  We were able to experience the joy of Spirit among ourselves and with those we encountered along the way.  Our guide...he must have been an angel.  Additionally, because of Melinda's global connections, we stayed in 5 star accommodations for most of the trip.  This was a new experience for most of us, and she delivered it at a fraction of the cost.  The Turkish bath experience was a blissful bond of fellowship.  The cave tour reduced us to silence.  The food also reduced us to silence because it was so GOOD...none of us wanted to speak!  The highlights are endless.  This was a journey that will stay in my heart for as long as I live.  It reached all of us at a level beyond description.  Many Blessings to you, and thank you!


Suzanne C: Mother/ Daughter Holiday: 2009

“Melinda is exceptional at creating and arranging memorable special trips that are personalized for your needs. She provides expertise and advice that is extremely helpful. She is well connected in the industry and is very responsive and flexible. I used her for one trip and it was so successful that I called her again to help with another. I look forward to working with Melinda again in the future.”

Dara G: Kilimanjaro; 2010

“Melinda is a dynamo! Whatever unique trip you have in mind, she can make it happen. She's been fantastic at pulling all the details together for my custom trip.”


Richard M:  Romantic Holiday; 2011

“I have had the opportunity to work with Melinda a couple of times & have found her to be both skilled in her attention to detail as well as her professionalism. She is excellent at communicating with clients to determine their needs & truly loves what she is doing for them. I have no doubt she provides high quality service & would recommend her at anytime if asked."


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