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Resort Overview

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Sample Packages 

Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama

Add Diving to your Stay!

The Yoga

There are three serene venues for yoga at the resort, namely a 120 sq meters yoga pavilion surrounded by landscaped tropical gardens, a sunrise tree tops mediation center overlooking rice fields and a sunset yoga deck overlooking natural forest with views of the Sea of Bali.

The resort’s resident yoga master also offers special pranayama and meditation classes based on the principles and practices of Swami Ram Dev, a world renowned practitioner and exponent of easy to do yoga, pranayama and meditation exercises that have been proven to be highly beneficial in not only achieving and sustaining good health but also curing many diseases and ailments. The teachings of Swami Ram Dev have influenced millions of people across India and every morning tens of millions 
join in his daily television exposition of yoga, pranayama and meditation exercises.

The Yoga masters from Kerala have attended workshops by Swami Ram Dev and these practices and techniques are at the core of the morning Resort yoga classes:

• Light exercises, done in sitting position Dandasan and in sequence to relax and strengthen the toes, feet, ankles and legs, knees and hips, waist and stomach, back, chest and heart, fingers and hand, shoulder and neck, elbow and the eyes. 

• Surya Namaskar, a series of twelve graceful movements done sequentially such that energy stretches through the spinal cord simulating blood circulation. A regular practice of this exercise improves the digestive system and heart functioning, flushes impurities from the skin and is beneficial to the endocrine system thus aiding metabolism of the body. 

• Pranayama and Meditation, a series of eleven breathing, relaxation and consciousness exercises that is critical to physical, emotional and spiritual health. 

• Mudras are a series of eleven finger exercises done in sitting or standing position. Our five fingers denote the five elements that compromise everything in the world, thumb the fire, index finger the air, middle finger the space, ring finger the earth and the little finger the water. The exercises bring about a balance of the five elements in our body thereby improving the functioning of all the internal organs and body physical as well as enhancing psychological and spiritual wellbeing. 

• Asanas are posture exercises that involve bending, twisting, sitting, standing, inverting and supine position; they are highly beneficial in terms of physical, psychological and physiological wellbeing. Depending on an individual’s level of fitness and physical flexibility, specific asanas will be recommended and practiced. 

In addition to the above, individual yoga exercise classes can also be designed in cases related to specific health conditions such as digestion and stomach problems, sugar level and diabetes, weight problems and obesity, backache and spinal problems, circulation and blood pressure, anxiety and stresses.

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda, the “science of life and the art of healing”, is the world’s most ancient holistic health philosophy and system that covers every aspect of wellbeing: health, beauty, food, spirit, sex and living in harmony with each other and with nature. 

For over 5000 years in India, Ayurveda has been the practical basis of treating the root causes of many health disorders and diseases, often giving a real cure rather than temporary relief. Life based on the principles of Ayurveda resist ill health, arrests premature aging and retains youthfulness.
The core objective of Ayurveda is to keep a healthy person healthy, not only physically but also mentally, morally and spiritually. 


The philosophy of Ayurveda treats the body, mind, and soul as inter-related and in doing so harmonizes the biological, physical, and neurological systems. The understanding that each one of us is a unique individual is important in targeting Ayurveda treatments to address specific health conditions. Ayurvedic massage is a core component of the treatment. 

Massage opens the body’s energy paths; stimulates and enhances circulation of body fluids, activating the lymphatic system; regulates the digestive systems; strengthens muscles, bones, and blood vessels; improves skin and body tone, and revitalizes the body’s self healing mechanisms.

Ayurveda is increasingly recognized as a highly beneficial system to complement modern medical practices to treat and cure the causes and symptoms of poor health, for example fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiety, stress, obesity, early aging, many diseases and other physical and mental disorders that affect an increasing number of people due to the stresses and pressures of “modern” lifestyles.

Bali: An Island of Perfect Simplicity
Yoga. Ayurveda. Wellness.
Custom Itineraries Available Year Round from 3 to 21 nights

This a personal retreat program, which we customize for your desired travel preferences.  This is a perfect stay for a 3 night add on to any Bali trip, or will provide you a full Balinese Healing Experience for a 7-21 night Stay.  This retreat gives you to time to slip into blissful ecstasy, a state of well-being and spiritual harmony, because this authentic program is designed to realign your mind, body and spirit.

7 Night  Inclusive programs starting from $1422 pp, based on double occupancy 

Single Supplement $290



Resort Overview

This luxury, boutique hotel and holistic wellness destination Spa, is situated in a peaceful location, surrounded by rice fields, vineyards and natural forest, yet offers wide open sea views. The holistic design of the resort, blends in a beautiful natural and landscaped environment, an integrated wellness facility to practice yoga, a spa to experience Ayurvedic treatments, and luxury accommodations with Zen simplicity.

Your choice of program allows you anywhere from 3 to 21 days incorporating a perfect blend of treatments, activities, yoga, and meditation. Because the Ayurvedic health and beauty spa at the resort offers over 30 authentic treatments as well as traditional Balinese massage, healing baths and beauty treatments, your path to wellness is easily come by. All treatments are provided by qualified Ayurveda professionals from Kerala, India who work together with a team of trained Balinese therapists.



Here you will consume healthy food and participate in a wide range of cultural and eco-recreational activities all amount to an ideal environment not only to relax and rejuvenate from the stresses and stains of modern lifestyles but also to think of the changes in one’s way of life for a healthier, sustainable, satisfying and positive future.

Retreat Details


The resort’s serene and beautiful landscaped tropical and Zen gardens offer an ideal environment to read, slumber, think and dream. An hour’s nature walk through an eco-forest rich with indigenous herbal and medicinal plants leads to Banjar Natural Hot Springs for a rejuvenating bath and on to a 6th Century Vihara Buddhist temple for some sacred meditation. 

There are also two temples in front of the resort dedicated to the Moon and the Goddess of the Sea. The resort’s expert guides are also available to advise and to organize visits to local villages to experience the ceremonies and the Balinese culture and traditional ways of life and living.




The architecture throughout the resort is traditional Balinese with each building resembling a Balinese temple. The fourteen air-conditioned sea view villas look out onto verdant landscape and down to the sea with sunset and sunrise views. The mature landscaped gardens and skyline infinity swimming pool merging into the rice fields below and the marine landscape beyond are hypnotic in their tranquility. Each of the villas includes an elegantly furnished double bedroom with a private terrace and a parlor leading to an open-air designer garden bathroom.


Zen Villas are designed in traditional Balinese architecture with 21st century luxury. Wooden floors and furniture, cream and white walls on simple fine lines in some villas and others with true Zen colors of orange with a touch of red, with hand-woven throws, soothing artwork and 4 poster beds in some villas all add to the sense of luxury and relaxation. The villas all feature Balinese-style stone carved front porches and private terraces. Each villa has a walk in wardrobe with a dressing area and a separate toilet area. All villas feature unique garden bathrooms- walled but open to the sky with ceiling showers and some with a sunken stone bath tub.

Culinary Experiences


Zen Resort’s talented chefs present a variety of nutritious dishes featuring Asian, European and Ayurvedic vegetarian cuisine as well as catering for individual dietary requirements. All meals are served in the tropical gardens with spectacular views over natural forest, rice fields and the sea of Bali.








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All programs includes roundtrip airport transportation to and from the resort, air-conditioned sea view villa,
accommodations for length of stay, all meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner, daily flowers and fruit
basket, free yoga, pranayama and meditation morning class.




Trip Pricing

The 2012 trip cost varies depending on your length of stay!  Add a 3 night stay to a pre-existing Balinese Holiday, or stay from 7-21 days in your own customized program.

Integrated Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation complimented by the Balinese way of life makes Zen resort an unparalleled and unique wellness destination.

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The resort is situated in a sacred and spiritual location. Next door are the cave ruins of ancient temple and 200 meters away on the beach are two temples dedicated to the Goddess of the Sea and Goddess the Moon. The resort also has two temples where guest blessing and other ceremonies are frequently held. Religious and spiritual leaders, who have visited Zen Resort and also many guests, have described the resort as one of the most spiritual and intensive energy sites they have encountered.



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