Sacred India: The Yogi Wisdom Tour

South India

October 18-29, 2013



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Tour Inclusions:

* 9 nights accommodation based on double/shared occupancy.
* Breakfast and Dinner Daily, plus 2 Lunches
* Group Airport Transfers
* Transportation and entrance fees for all afternoon excursions included in the itinerary.

* Domestic Flights

* Local Tour Guide throughout

* Tips and Gratuities

* Baggage Handling


Special Added Features

* In-depth Classes, Wisdom Teachings, and Discussions with Aimee Senise Bohn
* Daily Yoga and Meditation  Practices
See the Palli ceremony with an authentic local guide
* Visit the famous Pancha Rathas (Five Chariots) Temples
* Visit Penance of Bhagirath
* Mingle with the local fishing community and their colorful wooden boats.
* See the temples of Chidambaram, one of the oldest, most venerated and magnificent temples of South India and the Dancing Shiva.
* Visit
Airavateeshwarar Temple
* See many more UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Great Living Chola Temples.












Yogi Wisdom Tour: A Journey into the 

Heart of Eastern Spirituality


Yogi Wisdom Tour from $3378 pp, based on double occupancy 

Single Supplement $796

Dates, Cost & Enrollment


Tour Overview


Embark on a journey to the spiritual culture of South India, and awaken your spiritual senses touring the region's sacred temples and cultureThis tour is designed as a pilgrimage, but will also enrich your life as you embrace sacred wisdom and ancient Vedic knowledge. You will learn to integrate awareness and breathing through meditation, and yoga to guide you into the sacred place of your own, innate spiritual wisdom.  Tour highlights include: Chennai, Mahabalipura, Chidambaram, Kumbakonam, Tanjore, Trichy, Chettinad and Madurai.



What to Expect on this Journey

Throughout our Itinerary, in addition to a variety of meditative practices will offer some beginning aspects of the Hindu Tantra called "Shaiva Siddhanta."  A deep and rich tradition extending back thousands of years, this most "conclusive knowledge of the god Shiva"  will fascinate and expand your understanding not only of this philosophy, but more so, of your Self.  Shiva goes through a metamorphosis as he iconographically migrates South becoming Nataraja - the cosmic Dancer.  We will encounter many temples, and many depictions of Nataraja, but none as sacred or overwhelmingly intense as he appears in Chidambaram where he is originally said to have performed the very first Ananda Tandava (the Dance of Bliss.) 

More than a fabulous Temple tour of India, you will be brought into the teachings of the Heart of the Tantra, one of the most exquisite of all Hindu philosophies.  We will culminate wtih Shiva's Kami (his "Desire") in the form of the Goddess Meenakshi, in Madurai, and a complete appreciation for what is really going on behind the veil of Hindu spirituality from an experiential point of view.  These Temples and Gods are not only mythologies, or Deities worshipped by stoic, religious routines performed by Temple priests.  Rather, we will approach the Temples and the Beings worshipped there as veritably living and breathing, each with a distinct and independent Existence.  In every good way possible, insights, teachings, and meditations shared with you will be far from routine or ordinary fare for a led tour!   



Day-to-Day Itinerary



October 18: Depart USA

Flights which depart NYC will arrive shortly after midnight.


Day 1: October 19: Arrive in Chennai.
Most flights arrive shortly after midnight.  After clearing customs, we are greeted upon arrival in Chennai and transferred to Mahabalipuram. This evening a Welcome Dinner is organized at the hotel. Overnight in Mahabalipuram.  D

Day 2: October 20: Mahabalipuram.
Start your day with a guided exploration of the ancient port of Mahabalipuram, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Late afternoon – You are at leisure to explore the ocean front resort and surroundings. Early evening - we gather for our late afternoon yoga/meditation practice near the famed 8th century Shore Temple, from which you are only a stone’s throw away.
Overnight in Mahabalipuram.  (B, D)



Day 3: October 21: Mahabalipuram – Pondicherry – Chidambaram. 

(200 KM – 3 ˝ to 4 hours)

Morning drive south to Pondicherry for sightseeing. After lunch, we proceed to Chidambaram.  In Akash Lingam hidden by a veil, lies the real secret of Chidambaram. The temple opens at 4:30pm, therefore the day will be planned to accommodate the appropriate arrival time in Chidambaram. We will have a guided meditation at Chidambaram temple. Overnight at Chidambaram.  (B, D)

Day 4: October 22: Chidambaram – Kumbakonam : (100 km / 2 hours approx)

Yoga and breakfast, then proceed to Kumbakona. We visit Darasuram, Airavateeshwarar temple, which is a replica of Tanjore Big temple but smaller in size. This temple is a protected under UNESCO World Heritage monuments. After our visit, we will return to the hotel for yoga and meditation. Overnight at Kumbakonam.  (B, D)



Day 5: October 23: Kubakanom / Swamimalai – Tanjore.

Awaken to a new you.  By now, India will be "seeping in" and your sense of spirituality will be expanding!  This morning we move on to Swamimalai. It is one of the six famous "Padai Veedugal" dedicated to Lord Murugan. Swamimalai means God Mountain (Swami - God & Malai (in tamil) = Mountain). Another name for this place is "Thiruveragam." This temple where Lord Karthikeya expounds the meaning of pranavam (AUM) to His father, Lord Shiva. Hence, one can see the Lord Karthikeya depicted as Guru (teacher) and Lord Shiva listening as shishya (disciple) in the raja gopuram of the temple complex. Lord Murugan here is known as Swaminathan (Swami - God; Nathan = Head...head of all God's).  This is an unparalleled place to meditate and we will have a guided meditation on site.

Late afternoon arrival at Tanjore and you are assisted with check-in to the hotel.
Overnight at Tanjore.  (B, D)

Day 6: October 24: Tanjore.

The Great Living Chola Temples are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and your day will start with a guided visit to the most amazing example of these, the Brihadishwara. This awe-inspiring Temple Complex is constructed solely of granite, a material so hard that no architect today, with all our current technology, would even dream of building a structure with the incredible detail and mammoth scale of the Brihadishwara.  This afternoon, we return to the hotel for an optional Vinyasa yoga practice or afternoon of leisure. Overnight at Tanjore.  (B, D)



Day 7: October 25: Tanjore – Trichy – Chettinad. 

(185 kms – 3 to 3 ˝ hrs)

Today we visit the ancient Tiruchirappalli Rock Fort & Temple Complex. The complex is perched on an immense boulder that is 256 feet high. This boulder is one of the largest such formations on our planet and is also one of the oldest at 3.8 million years of age. The Vinayak temple, dedicated to Lord Ganesh and built in 580 AD, is located at the very summit. 
We will meditate in this place where the elephant god Ganesh appears in the form of Vinayakar.

At the base of the boulder is the Manikka Vinayakar temple, a large and impressive Hindu house of worship and you a brief exploration of this is included. After visiting Trichy, we head to Chettinad.  Overnight at Chettinad.  (B, D)

Day 8: October 26: Chettinad.

After an early morning yoga and meditation, proceed for sightseeing in the Chettinad area around mid-morning. Included in this experience is a visit to one of the famous Mansions of Chettinad. Also enjoy a brief visit a local temple, which also has differences when compared to most Tamil temples. The late afternoon is at leisure to enjoy your Chettinad heritage hotel. Overnight at Chettinad.  (B, L, D)

Day 9: October 27: Chettinad – Madurai. 

(100 kms – 1 ˝ to 2 hrs)

Today we arrive in Madurai. IThe city is planned in the shape of a lotus, and our yoga practice will focus on Lotus poses & hip openers that day in preparation to sit for Evening Arati that we will attend at the Temple.   

Afternoon: The main attraction of Madurai is the great Sree Meenakshi Temple. This awe-imposing monument is the finest example of Dravidian temple architecture on this planet. The temple is always a beehive of activity as pilgrims from all over India come to seek the blessings of Meenakshi (Goddess Parvati) & Sundareswarar (Lord Shiva) and is filled with worshippers at all hours of the day. You will witness Hindu priests performing various ceremonies in different parts of the temple complex as you explore this huge structure, including religious aspects of traditional weddings. According to Tamil belief the temple has existed for about 2000 years, but this current structure is a mere four centuries old (the previous majestic temple was destroyed by Muslim invaders in the 14th century). The massive complex includes 14 magnificent Gopurams that jut into the sky from different parts of the temple. After you leave the temple you are driven to nearby Thirumalai Nayak Palace. Constructed in 1636 AD by an Italian architect, the palace is an interesting confluence of Dravidian, Islamic & European architectural styles. 


Evening - attend the ancient & impressive evening “Palli Arai” ceremony at the mammoth Sree Meenakshi Temple Complex with your guide. This elaborate and ritualistic ceremony has been written up in many international publications. Overnight at Madurai(B, L, D)


Day 10: October 28: Madurai – Chennai – International Flight.

We will begin our day with a leisurely yoga practice in the morning.  You are assisted with check-out from the hotel by noon and then you will a couple of hours to do some last minute sightseeing or shopping in Madurai before proceeding to the airport. 


Board the late afternoon flight to Chennai. The domestic and International terminal is the same- so no transfer is required, however we may wish to spend the evening out for dinner or last minute shopping. Most returning international flights depart in the early morning hours of October 29th. 

Board the flight to Delhi or Mumbai to connect with your International flight or board your International flight directly from Chennai. (B, D)

Day 11: October 29: Return to USA


Most flights will return to a NYC airport in the late evening.  Home at last, yet completely transformed from this amazing journey!



(B = Breakfast; L = Lunch; D = Dinner)
Note: This itinerary is subject to change due to conditions beyond our control.






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Join us on the adventure of a lifetime as we take this pilgrimage to the most sacred sites and temples of South India. Incorporated with daily yoga practice and guided meditation, this journey is for the mind, body and spirit.  We invite you to immerse yourself in this a fellow yogi, this trip will "embody" your for the rest of your life! 









Mahabalipuram: Chariot Beach Resort: Our resort on this beach is located in the world heritage town, and is walking distance to all monuments of 1200 years old. Our resort also has  the largest swimming pool on the coast in a Ayurvedic treatment centre & rejuvenation facilities, which will be the perfect treat after our long journey to get here. Our stay here promises a relaxing ambience & cottages having open to sky showers, and beautiful gardens all around. 

Chidambaram, a small town, south of Madras, is known as the "Land of the Cosmic Dance", as it houses the internationally renowned Nataraja Temple. Chidambaram, attracts millions of Indian and International pilgrims, tourists and business men every year.
The discerning among them patronize the only star hotel there, the one that doesn't cost the moon
Hotel Laxhmi Vilas.


Hotels in swamimalai, swamimalai hotels

Kumbakonam is one of the Oldest towns in Tamilnadu and its famous for its brass, vessels, and bettel leaves. It is primarily a market town for the predominantly agriculture based villages surroundings it. Our Paradise Resort is true to its name transports you to an era of the tamil culture. Set amidst river view ambience, with coconut, teak and Mango groves the resort offers you lush greenery, tall lofty teak trees and swaying palms. Live in a heritage dwelling, a traditional south Indian home reconstructed, gaze on woodwork that speak volumes of south India’s rich culture of craftsmanship. The interiors and exteriors of the air-conditioned heritage cottages gives you glimpses of south Indian lifestyle heritage and culture.

Hotel Parisutham, a magnificent setting in Thanjavur, the ‘Rice Bowl’ of India, one of world heritage center and the most beautiful and magnificently preserved area with exquisite culture and heritage, where you can enjoy beauty with luxury and relax with the impeccable service.

Chettinad: The heritage home stay at The Bangala is a pleasant diversion to an elegant past with its traditional interiors, beautiful gardens and the classic banquet hall. The Bangala offers two types of comfortable, air-conditioned double bedrooms for you to choose from. The luxury dining with the rich Chettinad cuisine that's on offer adds another dimension to your stay. Be prepared to be fussed over by the attentive staff as you get pampered with multi-course meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Welcome to Madurai, and the Heritage Resort, one hundred years in the making, in the heart of a city that grew from drops of nectar that flowed from the locks of Shiva, as legend would have us believe.  Here, we enter the gates of the 17-acre resort, and experience the Madurai of distant past. 







































































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